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Resistance Becomes Support

Jordan Craw 16 Nov, 2007
The phrase “resistance becomes support” has been taught, traded and no doubt even argued by many a trader over the years.
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Know your weightings

Tom Scollon 9 Nov, 2007
As I am sure most of you know sharemarkets are divided into sectors. For example Financials excluding property is about 40% of the Sharemarket, Materials is about 20%, and Industrials are about 8%.
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That's Gold

John Jeffery 12 Oct, 2007
I’m still a bear in the US. In an article I wrote some weeks back I mentioned that the US bond market was pointing to about a 50/50 chance of recession next year in the US.
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Timing Wave 5 Buys

Jordan Craw 12 Oct, 2007
This week I want to review a recent Wave 5 Buy trade on Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corp. (ASPV:NASD).
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Tom Scollon 12 Oct, 2007
I have the tongue out of my cheek for a serious note this week.
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Lessons of history

John Jeffery 14 Sep, 2007
To believe in the predictive power of analysis is to accept a couple of assumptions.
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Against the Grain

Jordan Craw 3 Aug, 2007
Taking a contrarian view is often what trading (and investing) is all about.
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Guts for Gartley

John Jeffery 15 Jun, 2007
Following a recent round of very popular CFD workshops I conducted it became evident that there is a need for a specific workshop on technically based trading strategies that include a seasoning of fundamentals.
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