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Calm Ahead?

Tom Scollon 20 Sep, 2010
I have become quite a fan of Bollinger Bands over the last couple of years. Mind you they have not helped me make truck loads of money, Yet, as I have been largely out of the market – and still am out 100%. I follow Elliott and Bollinger and look for the big steady trends as I like the safe easy money.
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Range Trading Markets

Tom Scollon 5 Mar, 2010

Most of us of course like trending markets. They have long moves – up or down – and are easier to identify and invest into and we generally sleep better at night. But we can’t have our way all the time and sometimes markets have insufficient buying or selling force to move them strongly in one direction.

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Number 5 is Alive!

John Jeffery 24 Dec, 2009
The market’s continuing rally over the last 9 months has presented a vast number of trend continuation trades for ProfitSource users.
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Energy Efficiency

John Jeffery 14 Dec, 2009
In the most recent issue of the Self Directed Investor (a free newsletter for HUBB software users) I demonstrated how the relative performances of the different sectors are likely to change over the next few weeks and months.
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Markets are living things?

Tom Scollon 7 Dec, 2009
Well we know humans are living things and we know animals are and of course plants are too. But are markets really living things?
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A mere blip?

Tom Scollon 15 May, 2009

We have seen a soft market this week in global indices and the key question when we see such easing is: will this be an easing or the beginning of the next slide down?

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Can you pallet it?

John Jeffery 4 May, 2009
In the article entitled "Brambles - A Thorny Subject" I considered the usefulness of combining On Balance Volume and Bollinger Bands as a simple trading method.
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A Standard Rally?

Jordan Craw 9 Apr, 2009

The current up move that is occurring across many of the major equity indices around the world has many including myself asking, at least rhetorically, how far can it go? A long way if it is the beginning of a new bull market! However, let’s assume for this discussion that we expect some more bumps along the way before a new bull market takes hold.

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