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Lachlan McPherson is an equity analyst with the HUBB Financial Group based in the United States. His sophisticated understanding of the macroeconomic picture enables him to focus on technically-timed, fundamental plays and his expertise is a feature of HUBB’s various course materials on both trading and investing. An accomplished media presenter, Lachlan regularly shares his equities research on Sky News, Sky Business and Yahoo! 7 Finance. He has enjoyed an extensive and varied career, including roles as a business development manager across the Asia-Pacific region, a business owner and entrepreneur.

Latest Posts

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds

17 May, 2013
Watching markets oscillate through varying degrees of confidence over the past week has been particularly interesting, as China’s economic performance began to tip the scales of bearishness, followed by today’s rather disappointing housing numbers. Yet, in the midst of what would have once been seen as ‘market turmoil’, markets continue to defy gravity.

China: Full Steam Ahead

6 May, 2013
I was lucky enough to spend the majority of the past week in China, attending a well regarded international investment expo in Shanghai, with the aim of assessing just how strong the Chinese investment beast remains.

US Markets Continue To Be Underpinned By Institutional Demand For Housing

26 Apr, 2013
As 2013 swiftly slips away from us, US housing, and somewhat equities continue to drive economic growth in the world’s largest economy. The US housing market has become overrun by major investment firms, in what could be damaging to the US consumer as house prices continue to rise before the majority of the population is in a position to once again recover from foreclosure.

It’s a Lose-Lose For Australian Mining

12 Apr, 2013
Australian investors are looking for the next leg up after the recent 2012/13 rally appears to have run out of steam, stalling some 200 points below the ASX 200 peak of March this year.
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