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US struggles while China steams ahead

26 Oct, 2007


The stock market marked the 20th anniversary of Black Monday with the biggest falls since July as Caterpillar warned of a recession.

The Optimists and the Bulls

12 Oct, 2007


An upbeat U.S. jobs report allayed fears that the world''s biggest economy is on the wane and that corporate profits will slow.

Is the US Credit Crunch Over?

5 Oct, 2007
Early in the week, easing credit concerns pushed the DOW through 14000 for the first time since July.

Markets climb despite the data

28 Sep, 2007
US - US Markets closed the week with the DOW just 0.7% away from record highs, though recent data indicates that consumer confidence fell to a two-year low in September.

Temporary respite

24 Aug, 2007
The week went from renewed confidence after the US Federal Reserve cut discount rates by 0.5% to renewed worrying about the still-unfolding US sub-prime mortgage saga.

Bad Debt Gets Worse

10 Aug, 2007
The theme of the week on US markets remains the sub-prime meltdown, with Wall Street selling anything associated with sub-prime, credit, securitization or default issues.
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