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Turn up the Volume

23 Nov, 2007
Volume indicators are often used to confirm the validity of price movement.

That's Gold

12 Oct, 2007
I’m still a bear in the US. In an article I wrote some weeks back I mentioned that the US bond market was pointing to about a 50/50 chance of recession next year in the US.

Throwing a curve ball

28 Sep, 2007
If you’d asked about the market this time last year, the consensus would have been “bullish”.

Lessons of history

14 Sep, 2007
To believe in the predictive power of analysis is to accept a couple of assumptions.

Putting on the bear hat

31 Aug, 2007
This may sound unseasonable. Most market commentators are beginning to come around to the idea that the current pullback was an expected correction and things are going to waltz along as before.

Guts for Gartley

15 Jun, 2007
Following a recent round of very popular CFD workshops I conducted it became evident that there is a need for a specific workshop on technically based trading strategies that include a seasoning of fundamentals.
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