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SIMS Revisited

18 Jul, 2008
At the very beginning of the year there were a multitude of shares that looked like they were offering value.

Happy Birthday!

13 Jun, 2008
Happy birthday to our much quoted and well known friend: the Sub-Prime crisis.

Are We Nearly There Yet?

28 Mar, 2008
The most important question on the lips of traders and investors across the globe is, quite simply, “When will we see an end to the turmoil?”.

A Note on the 10 Year Note

29 Feb, 2008
The majority of analysis conducted thus far regarding US bonds has been undertaken on the 30 year part of the curve.

US Focus

4 Feb, 2008
After a few weeks of emotional extremes in the financial markets it is time to reflect on the US economic picture. There are some positive signs.

Interest Rates

11 Jan, 2008
As the New Year gets under way, uncertainty continues to hold sway throughout the asset classes.

Interested in Bonds?

7 Dec, 2007
My recent articles have been focused on the US bond markets and how the prevailing interest rate direction will affect mortgages as well as the continuing threat of the sub-prime credit crunch.
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