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It's a Bull Market (and that's official)

27 Mar, 2009
A few years ago the media seemed to be particularly eager to announce the beginning of the bear market and as soon as we experienced a 20% fall in the major indices, all manner of pundits (without a cent actually in the market) crawled out of the woodwork.

Survival of the Fittest

6 Mar, 2009
This article is going to argue two points which can not readily be taken from any chart. The first is that the market is in a bottoming process (particularly in the US) although the view from the chart is somewhat clouded.

Over Supply?

20 Feb, 2009
Deteriorating global economic conditions have been extremely supportive of the global government debt markets.

MACD Confirmation Signals

6 Feb, 2009
The MACD (moving average divergence / convergence) is a popular and often cited trading indicator.

A Thorny Subject

12 Jan, 2009
With the equity markets still in disarray from the tight global credit environment, many observers will be looking forward to 2009 with continued pessimism.

Spring in Pairs

8 Dec, 2008
In the last edition of the Trading Tutors Newsletter I wrote an article about picking strong or weak sectors and choosing long or short trading opportunities within those sectors.

The Sector Spectre

27 Nov, 2008
One way that major financial institutions go about their stock selection is to employ a process known as top down analysis.

Easy does it

7 Nov, 2008
Albert Einstein said that the solution to any problem should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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