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BofA's Preferred Collar Option

12 Sep, 2011
Let’s face it, in all likelihood neither you nor I are going to get any sweetheart deals like the Oracle of Omaha did in BofA (BAC) back on August 25.

Volatile Zigs and ZAGG's

18 Jul, 2011
A truly off-the-mark and disappointing read on nonfarm payrolls following Thursday’s bullish but always volatile ADP payrolls teaser has delivered a small wake up call to market bulls jettisoning ever higher for the past several sessions.

Swoosh or Whoosh at Nike?

4 Jul, 2011
Shares of athletics giant Nike (NKE) are up about 1.35% in front of tonight’s earnings release.

Hold, Fold or Roll?

20 Jun, 2011
How a trader goes about establishing a position is largely a personal matter but is hopefully dictated by common sense.

Smarter than Soros?

6 Jun, 2011
There are few investors that can be called as savvy as billionaire investor George Soros over the past few decades.

Market Barometer

2 May, 2011
Traders embrace the more optimistic points of“BullnankeSpeak” to establish a more decisive-looking breakout in the SP-500.

"Dude, It's a Dell!!"

7 Mar, 2011
It’s been a good while since directional bulls could revel optimistically about the prospects of Dell (DELL).
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