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Aaron Lynch is the Chief Strategist for Safety in the Market and is a regular and valued instructor at educational seminars across the globe. Aaron's trading career began in 1999 and he has extensive experience trading shares, options and commodities, especially his favourite market, oil futures. Aaron is also a regular contributor to industry publications including Yahoo! 7 Finance, Your Trading Edge magazine and Stocks & Commodities magazine and is a sought-after commentator on financial issues in the press and on radio. Aaron's primary advice to those looking to get started trading in the stock market: "It's one thing to have the desire to trade but quite another to develop the necessary skills to trade successfully. Education is the all-important first step for anyone serious about making money in the stock market."

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Commodities and Currencies Update 5 May 2016

5 May, 2016
Commodities were weaker today after the move higher off the US dollar Index. Combined with weaker equity prices globally, we now see BHP under further pressure with more fines and remediation needed after the recent mine incident in Brazil.

Commodities and Currencies Update 11 March 2016

11 Mar, 2016
The ECB Announcement contributed the most cause for markets movement as Europe declined, US was broadly flat and commodities held as the US dollar index fell.

The best peformers were gold and silver futures as they benefited from the US dollar decline

Commodities and Currencies Update 10 March 2016

10 Mar, 2016
Energy prices again jumped overnight as equity markets await the ECB annoucment this evening. Markets look somewhat tired to the upside currently, the short term trend on many markets is up, expectations of a rebalance are now likely.

Commodities and Currencies Update 9 March 2016

9 Mar, 2016
Commodities came under selling pressure last night as China's concerns again weighed on markets. The test will be if what looks like profit taking takes a step towards heavy selling again.

Commodities and Currencies Update 7 March 2016

7 Mar, 2016
Commodities closed last trading week with the strongest of gains across asset classes. In turn the Aussie Dollar had its best week for some time as the US Dollar index moved marginally lower.

Commodities and Currencies Update 3 March 2016

3 Mar, 2016
A continuation of strength in many commodities greets the local markets today. After a strong movement in index markets this week we have seen more subdued trade, better news on China's market will also act as support.
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