Chief Editor
What a "rags to riches' story Korea (south) has been, although like most global economies there is still some caution about the global economic recovery. Korea unlike Japan did not dip into deflation and has thus been more resilient than the Japanese economy over the last few years. Strong unionism however remains a fear of investors.

These key northern Asian economies appear to be over the worst and recoveries in the technical sectors auger well for both. One has only to witness the universal use of mobile devices in Seoul to realise the IT transformation is still intact for businesses that offer real products and services.

The northern Asian equity markets marked time this week and most global markets oscillated for the week whilst Americans took a very long Independence Day weekend holiday. That aside, most upward movement remains intact and whilst markets may not have huge gains over the coming weeks due to the spectacular moves since March, nevertheless the direction is still upwards. You cannot complain about that, as it is certainly a much easier environment to identify winners.

This week we introduce Michael J. Lawch from Mike is the senior instructor for Optionetics, teaching share market and option strategies throughout USA and around the world. He has lectured in Australia a number of times and is well known to a number of readers. Welcome Mike and we look forward to the knowledge and wisdom you will bring to Trading Tutors.