Tom Scollon

This is how you have performed against Corporate America:



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For the last 18 months you been drawing mega packages but giving your shareholders little - and their confidence is waning.

You see, you cannot dress up the last years results and hope that will protect your share price. Absolutely not. Investors look to next year and beyond.

There are numerous examples of share price being savaged:


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This is one of many examples - reported a jump in profit but were punished severely.

It has been a savaging week/month for numerous other stocks and a savage few year or more also for many others - AAC,AGL, BBG, TLS, ELD, GNC, HSO, IFN, AOG, SRF, IRE ISD and the list goes on.

There is some good news - stocks that give confidence and are rewarded:

ABA, AFC, AHG, AKP, APE, BAP, BWX, ILU, PRG, SMS to name a few. Many still have much upside so check them out.

And don’t forget to try overlaying some charts over the indices for example. Just follow the simple help in ProfitSource.

In the meantime, captains of industry take a good hard look at yourself. Some of you may not be around next year.

Shape up or ship out


Enjoy the ride

Tom Scollon