Many investors are wondering whether they have missed this train. I know from years of experience there are many trains and this is not the last one.

A quandary for investors worldwide is where to park their cash or invest, as cash interest rates are low. For this reason - and the positive interpretation of recent economic and company data - there has been a rush to equities.

Money does not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are still holding cash, you should avoid the temptation to join this fast moving market just because everyone else seems to be winning.

Yes, the market has strength and is the talk of the town. It has caught many - including Institutional Investors - by surprise.

To panic now and buy in would be dangerous in my opinion, even though there may be more upside in this market. Corrections are the norm and good ‘buy in’ opportunities lie ahead. We may be in a bull run of sorts but the world recovery is far from robust and there are nasty surprises ahead. That’s just the way it is.

A major bull run will occur, but this is not it.

Trying to board a fast-moving train is dangerous. ‘Mind the gap’ is an important warning.

I am sitting tight. I know there will be plenty of good times ahead and I am not remorseful or inclined to jump in right now.

Enjoy the ride
Tom Scollon