The US Dollar is rallying – against the Japanese Yen, that is – and has gained more than seven-per-cent since the September lows, as shown in Chart 1 below:

Chart 1

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During this period the weekly swing chart has made higher swing tops and higher swing bottoms, giving us a confirmed up trend, as displayed in Chart 2 below:

Chart 2

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For more information on the September low and how it came together, Safety in the Market Platinum students can refer to my article ‘Master Time Cycles on the US Dollar/Yen’ in the Platinum area of the website.

I have heard several market commentators talking about the US Dollar gaining in value and while these charts back that viewpoint, but there is one small problem with this assessment – it is too short-term.

David Bowden, a successful market forecaster who studied and applied the techniques of Wall Street legend W.D. Gann, preferred to analyse at least five-years market action before putting together a forecast. Bowden said he wanted a daily chart going back at least one-year and a weekly chart going back at least five-years.

Let’s take a look at a bit more market data on the US Dollar/Yen.

In Chart 3 below illustrates the daily chart for the US Dollar/Yen going back twelve-months:

Chart 3

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Even though the US Dollar is higher against the Yen than it was in November last year, it has stayed within a fairly narrow trading range of 800 points since February this year. The recent rally has all been contained within this trading range.

Chart 4 below shows a weekly chart of the US Dollar/Yen for a little over five-years:

Chart 4

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The last five-years have been extremely bearish for the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen. This helps to put the current rally into perspective.

While the October, 2011 All-Time-Low is holding, the Dollar certainly hasn’t made a strong, sustained bull market rally from this low.

The question is whether the current rally really is the start of a new bull market or whether it is simply another bear market rally. My money is on the latter.

I will be watching the weekly swing chart for a pullback (see Chart 1) before another upswing around 3.50 to 4.00. After this, there is a good chance the bear market rally will be completed, and the next phase of the bear market will commence.

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Be Prepared!

Mathew Barnes