Chief Editor
There is little doubt that the markets have confirmed sustainability and this appears likely to continue barring any major surprises. Technically the markets still want to keep rising. Volume remains firm and there are few sellers so buyers left behind when the markets took off in March are having to pay steep prices to get a stake in the market in these robust times.

There is money still to be made in the markets – I remain bullish long term – but you can still easily back the wrong stock – note the falls in LOK (down 52%) and PTD (down 29%) during the week. WOW continues its demise since June with retail buyers picking up stock right up to the end of September as it “looked cheaper”. The major institutional sell down last week may temporarily get the “monkey off” WOW’s back but it is important to see a sign of consolidation and then later a directional change in order to minimise your trading risk. WOW buyers who negatively geared over the last few months will have suffered some level of pain already. Waiting takes patience but it is worth it in the end.

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Tom Scollon