John Jeffery
John Jeffery

There have been a large number of questions arising from clients regarding the latest edition to the Key Series and where it fits into the overall picture. As most of you are aware, HUBB has developed education courses which are perfectly applicable to all traders and investors, no matter what their background or interests. Therefore, as a favour to the client service team who are fielding a large amount of calls about these courses, the aim of today’s article is to explain the Key Series and which one is right for you. Each ‘Key’ is a self contained, one month course which gives very specific goals and supports the holistic AAA Wealth Triangle Strategy, to build enduring wealth.

The DividendKey is a simple strategy that should be at the heart of all investors. It is based around income investing and thinking beyond the notion of yield. If you believe that property investing is the best way to build wealth, you should look into this course to broaden your perspective. If you are trading Gann or option strategies and making regular returns, the DividendKey will show you how to invest in a tax efficient environment for the long term. If you’ve never invested before and want to know which stocks to buy with your hard earned dollars the DividendKey is a fantastic starting point. At just $199 for a four week, comprehensive course; you can’t afford to not to check it out. The best thing about the DividendKey is that is suitable for all ages and, as we’re being told more and more, is the perfect gift for teens and young adults.

The TradingKey is for the more active traders who own ProfitSource or DividendKey graduates who want to pour more into the accumulation phase of the AAA Strategy. The course was written to show clients how to use all the tools at their disposal and share a complete trading checklist. Its more than just Elliott Wave, it’s about picking the best Elliott Wave trades with confirming indicators, exactly where to place stops and introduces advanced concepts which can be used in conjunction with Gann analysis or help an option trader pick market direction.

The Masterkey is all about integrated analysis. The focus is on shorter term traders who wish to combine all the different advantages of fundamental and technical analysis into their stock picking. What makes this course unique is that there is also a huge consideration to monitoring underlying consensus provided by industry professionals. That consensus can come from the obvious recommendations released by brokers, but also far more subtly – looking to see what stocks big institutions are buying and selling through their activity in the derivatives market.

There is a loose progression through the courses for someone who wants to build upon their knowledge and experience more sophisticated trading and investing techniques. Overall, however, each course can be viewed and enjoyed in isolation. The one thing we ask? Have a look at the DividendKey. You may think it’s too basic for you but as Mark Twain said “Education: that which reveals to the wise, and conceals from the stupid, the vast limits of their knowledge.

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John Jeffery