Chief Editor
I just can’t stay away from a good seminar – yes maybe I am an addict but Optionetics is back in town so I am about to take to the classroom once again. This time the seminar is in Adelaide, one of the gorgeous capitals of Australia. So that is almost an excuse in itself to go for a couple of days to break away from the buzz of the brash capital of NSW and drop back a pace or two.

Seminars are great because they take you back to basics for a few days and force you to recheck your strategies – especially in Options. Also when the markets are indecisive it is important to take advantage of the otherwise frenetic times to tune out and certainly being in the classroom for a couple of days does this.

The current focus of market commentators is that “the markets have run out of steam” – the daily heading in the printed press reminds us of that – now that the fact that has become reality. As experienced traders we hope to be somewhat ahead of the newspapers. Newspaper journalists focus on today – what is the most eye-catching headline.

If your thinking is in concert with the press you maybe should question whether you are taking advantage of the knowledge you accumulate through experiences of technical analysis. Where is the contrarian thinker?

Tom Scollon