Tom Scollon
Tom Scollon
Chief Editor

Well it should really read ‘Signal Your Punches And Get King Hit’.

I observed one example a few months and saw the King Hit in slo-mo. And witnessed another this week but I see them happen repeatedly but these are two high profile examples I would like to write about.

The first incident a few months ago was when a large international CFD provider who is well known to many of you sort of pleaded with clients who had money with them not to withdraw cash as they said they were cashed up.

Guess what? There was a run on cash! They just invited a king hit and got it.

Another incident occurred this week. Fortescue Metals this week also pleaded - with major shareholders not to lend stock for short selling. Well that is how it was reported but I suspected for the last few weeks they have been trying to control the flow of script and I suspect they have been ‘forbidding’ the loan of script.

Guess what? More was lent and the stock just fell further despite some ‘friendly’ buying. Funny about that. The market smells blood.

Over the years I have found that the market finds its ‘level’ – regardless. On occasions too numerous to mention I have seen an army of friendlies come in to support a stock. Can you imagine the conversation – ‘...come on mate I helped you out and it is time to call up that favour my stock needs support....’ It just does not work.

I have also seen numerous examples of great stories, great companies but they just do not register on the Instos horizon so the stock languishes.

It takes armies every day to move a stock – up and down. Don’t stand in the way of that army – move with it.

Whilst I am full of clichés and wisdom can I proffer another – ‘buy the dream and sell the reality.’ And didn’t we see that this week - a run up of the market with the prospect of an interest rate cut. So we got our ice cream ate it in a few minutes and we were no longer happy. It was not enough and we had a hissy fit and sold the market within minutes and as I write the market is down 2% from its pre-interest rate cut high.

You can get wisdom like this each week in - but ahead of the event!

Enjoy the ride

Tom Scollon
Chief Analyst